Launching a business in 20 days or bust

Many of you reading this will know of my 7 month adventure to (so far) fail to launch my web hosting business, Now I only found out that I registered the domain 7 months ago yesterday whilst writing this blog post. This is the final nail in the coffin for and this begins the rebirth of a new endeavour.

Scrapping Hosting

My last blog post explained how I was willing to personally onboard every new hosting client I would sign up. I was always going to do this but for some this may still be a barrier to entry. Therefore I am going to solely focus on the support side of the offering.


Amy Hoy just today has put out the following blog post and 'podcast' where Pat Maddox built a business in 10 days and got $3k monthly recurring revenue in the process. My sights aren't that high as I have a full-time position, but I still feel that if I haven't launched by the 25th of August 2014 I will have failed pretty spectacularly.

I have also been motivated by the post I’m Launching 12 Startups in 12 Months so I am attempting to do this as quickly as possible to get a product out there, then I can refine it quickly as requests come in from paying clients.

There are countless examples of people out there finding out what people will pay for and launching to a small audience they gained through hard work and offering something for free (a short ebook, for example) to gain recognition and enough trust between themselves and prospective customers that they can launch to a group of people just itching to pay them for their service.

Sales Safari

Amy runs a bootcamp called 30x500 now I haven't taken this course, I don't have the available funds to but I have taken on board much of the free advice that she has nicely made available. 30x500 has a process called a sales safari which as far as I can tell involves talking to business owners and finding out where they have issues and then selling them a service that they already told you they would pay for.

I have done this in the very fact of having the website out there over many iterations and talking to people at shropgeek about the types of hosting monitoring service they need.

I believe, based on the feedback from others as well as what people are saying on forums and such that the product I will put out in 20 days time will have customers in its first week.

Be notified

This post serves two purposes. Firstly, it opens me up to actually deliver on the 25th (or before), it requires me to pull my finger out and get into the habit of consistently working on something until it is done in a timely manner.

Secondly, it allows me to ask anyone who needs or thinks they need or would like a server administrator but can't afford one to sign up below to be notified when I launch. I won't spam you and will only ever contact you regarding this product.