My new book: proper server management for freelancers

I've written briefly about the fact I am writing my next book. The topic of which will be server management aimed at freelancers whose core business offering is not managing servers, but those that need this skill to enhance their business. The book will be perfect for freelance designers, all the way up to server admins already working in the industry.

I will be self publishing and the title above is a working title, although the content won't change. If you want to know when the book is available already, please sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this post.

The ebook will be presented in two formats: a standard PDF ebook; and an email course more akin to a college course, with actionable tasks to complete to help each section stick. Although you will still be able to come back to the book as and when you need to.

The (mostly) complete Table of Contents

  1. Setting up a new server
  2. Securing your server
  3. Installing the LAMP stack
  4. Configuring Virtual Hosts
  5. Installing SSL Certificates
  6. Logging & Errors
  7. Common Issues
  8. Upgrading Software
  9. Using Control Panels
  10. BONUS CHAPTER: Initial setup with Vagrant
  11. BONUS CHAPTER: Using git for running deployments

If you see anything that should be in this list, don't hesitate to email me with your suggestions. After all, if there is something you want me to teach you then I need to know! :)

I wanted to write a book to span across as many people as possible, to help them enhance their skill set. Maybe you want to extend your offering to clients. Maybe you just want to know how to set up a server for a client properly, with actionable steps to follow. Or maybe you're looking into switching careers and would like to know some of the basics first. Whatever your story, I wanted to write a book that would suit your needs.

If you want to find out when the book and course will be available, then all I ask for is to sign up to my newsletter. I send out an email bi-weekly (sometimes weekly) on a Thursday. I'll only ever send you content relating to this blog and the book and I won't sell your email to anyone.