New Direction

I now work full time for a Zengenti as a Technical Writer. I thought I would reduce my website down to a simple Ghost blog and start writing for myself again as well.


I've wanted to play around with some new technologies for a while now, and Ghost looks like a great simple blogging system and is perfect for my needs. I'm not the best designer and if I am taking my career down the technical writing route then I don't want anything to get in the way of my words. (Keep it Simple Stupid)

New career?

Whilst I'm not stepping away from development totally, I will find it difficult to commit myself to any development projects whilst holding down a full time job. Being out of the house for roughly 11 hours every day really kicks me out of it when I get home and it is difficult to do anything more than write. So I will just do that.

My role at Zengenti

Zengenti is a software vendor and web design and hosting company based in Ludlow, about an hour from my home town of Shrewsbury. They're by far the biggest web shop in Shropshire and I couldn't ask for a better employer. They saw my book and wanted the same kind of quality writing for the documentation for their CMS, Contensis. You can see the work I have done there by going to look at ZenHub which will eventually be their new support site, but for now is a knowledge base for all their usage documentation.

My official title is Technical Writer and Community Manager which means I have two roles.

  • Writing & updating techncial documentation
  • Managing community expectations and being the link between Zengenti and their users

It's a difficult line to straddle but it is a challenege I relish as one week I can spend all my time deep in documentation and the next I am replying to client requests and helping people to use the software better and make them look great in front of their boss.

Whats coming?

I have decided I am going to write another book. Now my full time job is being spent as a writer, I must have a knack for it, right? I wrote my first book when I was 17 and a lot has happened since then, I have grown up and had experiences and my writing has changed considerably.

I feel I know a lot more about a whole host of other topics and may write more than one new book. The only thing that isn't totally settled right now is what the topic of my book will be. I will be conducting some validation on a few ideas I have and see which one takes off (if any) do; as after all, if nobody wants to buy my book then there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of point in writing it.


I will keep this blog as a personal one but will also be writing about technical subjects mostly related to my next book and to feed some examples of the book out to people. I plan to go away this Christmas to recharge and have some down time, but I hope to have finished my next book by then and be able to show something for my efforts.

See you next time.