One week to go: the final stretch

Just under two weeks ago I posted my challenge to start a business in 20 days and a call for as many people to see it as possible. This was so that I had some accountability in the matter and would actually launch the damn thing! I didn't make it easy on myself though.

I picked a busy time to start

I managed to pick a very busy time of year to start this challenge. Some of you will know I steward for Shrewsbury Town Football Club and in the past week we've had 3 home games. This has put me out of action for the previous two Tuesday nights as well as two Saturday afternoons (1pm - 5pm). This means my time has been reduced as along with my other commitments, kickboxing twice weekly, darts on a Monday and I joined a gym and made a commitment to myself that I would go (I'll write about this soon), has meant the time I have been able to spend on the new site has been reduced down to just a few waking hours a week with a Sunday thrown in the mix.

I've had to re-rethink the product (slightly)

To get around this I've taken what I already has built during the previous 7 months (which probably amounts to a weeks worth of work and effort) and jig it to fit the new direction of the product. This means rather than adding websites, you add your servers instead. This has meant I've had to undo some code and redo other parts to properly reflect the new approach.

Am I on track to meet my target?

Well, no. Not at the moment anyway. There's no doubt about it, I have found it difficult to move my schedule to make time for building and marketing the product. This next week will be a bigger test than I could have imagined, I have more or less a week (although I want to launch by the 23rd, as I'm on holiday from the 24th) to finish the build of the product and launch it. I have a bunch of new server monitoring tools to build and roll out across 5 datacentres (although I will select which datacentres to prioritise, based on where people sign up from so I can keep costs to a minimum at the beginning.

Keep up to date

If you'd like to stay informed on if I do manage to launch or not, you can sign up for updates below. Likewise if you're interested in the server monitoring service I'll be providing (even with the minimal information I've put out so far) then pop your email in the box below and I'll let you all know when I do launch.