Where is book number 1?

It's now been two months since I (admittedly, hastily) announced my 12 books in 12 months challenge. I'll be honest, I had no idea that it had been two months since that blog post already. I have made a mental note that I posted it the same day I started at Siftware, so I know now.

I haven't launched my first book yet, let alone two of them. This post isn't going to be a whole bunch of reasons as to why I haven't done it yet; I have been terrible at keeping to my "free-time schedule" and will need to do things to fix that. Here's what will be happening from this moment onwards.

 The Plan

The plan from now is to write as many books as I feel I can over the next 10 months. The first one lands within the next month, and is aimed at helping designers get to grips with git. There are plenty of git books out there, granted, but I feel I can explain git in a way that makes sense to less technically minded people.

After the launch of this book, I will be focussing on marketing it to hopefully make it a commercial success. I'm not looking to replce my income or sell thousands of copies, but I do want a return on the time I have put in to create the book and wouldn't mind a few extra pennies in my back pocket to boot.

I sincerely believe that Git for Designers can help a lot of people, and I would rather take 3 months to write the book (no mean feat in and of itself) and do it justice that rush to get a book out of the door in a month and half-ass it. I pulled the trigger a bit too soon on my crazy idea, so I'm toning it down a bit. Although I am still planning on writing multiple books this year still.

Future titles will stay technical, although I am tempted to write a quickstart guide to social media for small businesses, just to see where I could take something that wasn't completely technical in content.

Git for Designers

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