Why be a writer anyway?

For those of who who have read my first blog post you might have some questions regarding my decision to move away from development in a freelance capacity and start writing full time.

I'm (probably) good at it

Having been hired for my ability to write, and from feedback inside of work on the quality of articles I have been writing on ZenHub as well as feedback on the new posts on this website, it would appear that people like my writing, which means I must be fairly good at it.

I've wanted to blog regularly for too long

I have hosted a blog on this domain for 5 years now and I have never been able to write consistently, or on a relatively small set of topics. Now I have been writing at work for 4 months, I have got into the routine of writing. I also have built up a pretty hefty list of post ideas, so much so in fact that I'm going to be writing once a week instead of on a bi-weekly schedule.

Writing has quicker benefits

I can sit down for half an hour and write a blog post, I cannot sit down for half an hour and have a working application on my screen. I like the fact I could set aside 30 minutes each night and have 7 posts written a week. I also find it easier to drive traffic (even though it is a small amount at the moment) and I enjoy seeing users come to a post and watch them come and go in real time.

It's a different challenege

Building a blog with an audience is hard. I've taken the first step to building an audience by sticking to writing about writing (meta!), launching a side project and writing a book amongst some personal posts.

Getting traffic is a different beast altogether though. I'm currently using a mixture of buffer and general tweets to try and build an audience for the blog. Things are moving slowly and I will have to learn 'marketing' if I want to expand my reach and readership past 6 clicks every time I tweet a link to a new post.

On that note, if you enjoy my writing and want to keep up to date with my journey building a product business (my new book & hostingandsupport.co) then please pop your email into the box below and I'll make sure to email you each time I publish a post (max once per week) and some newsletter-only content from my book.